Counter Surveillance Services

Technical surveillance counter-measures

Mayfair Private Investigations provide expert protection and detection from invasive 'bugs', listening devices and other spy-ware. Whether its business or personal security and privacy you are concerned with we have the experience and technical expertise to deliver counter surveillance services which can assure you privacy and security.

Ensuring the security of your privacy

We always advise clients concerned about privacy issues to either call us from a phone line away from the suspected area or if contacting us via email to contact us from a computer and account which they believe would be safe or outside of the suspected area of observation. Often in corporate investigations we find that recording devices are placed by people within the organisation so we also advise care and discretion when talking to colleagues about any suspicions.

Our knowledge, skill and understanding of current surveillance techniques means we are highly proficient at the counter and technical counter surveillance services we offer and our location means we are well placed to carry out sweeps at very short notice throughout the Central London area.

We have been hired to perform TCMS (Technical Counter Measure Services) and 'Bug Sweeps' for government departments, the legal profession, multinational business' as well as for private individuals who are concerned about their personal privacy and worried that they may have fallen victim to a breech of their privacy and security.

London based services

If you believe you may need a 'bug sweeping' service in Central London or specifically the Mayfair area please contact us, carefully, and we will be able to help.

We pride ourselves on our skill set and believe we are justifiably seen as a company at the forefront of the investigation and security industry. We always operate with utmost care, confidentiality and sensitivity.

If you believe you may need any of our services, call us today on 0203 714 523. Alternatively email us via our contact page - click here to email us.

Private Investigation

Private Investigation

In some areas of life there is no substitute for professionalism, skill and experience. If you have found yourself considering hiring a private investigator or a detective then please get in touch, we will happily offer a free initial consultation to allow us to understand your problem and the needs of your investigation.

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

In the field of Corporate Investigation we understand that discretion and efficiency are key.

We have been serving the corporate sector in Mayfair and Central London for over ten years and have built up a reputation second to none.

Criminal Investigation

Criminal Investigation

We have substantial experience carrying out criminal defence investigations gathering and compiling evidence which can help to prove innocence in a UK court of law. We can work with your legal team to uncover new evidence, assist with witnesses statements and to trace missing witnesses.