Covert Surveillance Services


The surveillance services we carry out often play a major part in a large variety of the case types we investigate. Be it the investigation of fraud, corruption or theft and also as something we often employ in domestic cases and investigations into suspected infidelity covert surveillance has the ability to prove a case with a single image.

Visual evidence which is hard to argue with

Whatever our Covert Surveillance investigations are used for, whether its used to clarify if an employees status or incapacity is as claimed or to identify a individuals movements and activity, the evidence we gather will be well documented, accurate and clear.

All our professional investigators are highly skilled and only use the most up-to-date methods and equipment. The evidence provided by a covert surveillance operation often gives indisputable proof as to the true facts of the situation concerned.

As modern surveillance specialists we also utilise technology such as GPS Tracking in case specific situations in order to maintain the unparalleled levels of service and success that our clients expect.

Evidence we discover during our investigation will be well documented by our Private Detectives and presented in a format which is acceptable to UK Criminal courts.

London based Private Investigators

Due to our location in Central London we can have a Surveillance operation mounted and in place in a matter of hours anywhere within the M25.

We pride ourselves on our skill set and believe we are justifiably seen as a company who operate at the very forefront of the investigation and security industry. We always operate with utmost care and sensitivity in order to maintain the complete secrecy and full confidentiality of any investigation or task being performed.

If you believe you may need any of our services, call us today, confidentially on 0203 714 523. Alternatively you could send us an email via our contact page - click here to email us.

Private Investigation

Private Investigation

In some areas of life there is no substitute for professionalism, skill and experience. If you have found yourself considering hiring a private investigator or a detective then please get in touch, we will happily offer a free initial consultation to allow us to understand your problem and the needs of your investigation.

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

In the field of Corporate Investigation we understand that discretion and efficiency are key.

We have been serving the corporate sector in Mayfair and Central London for over ten years and have built up a reputation second to none.

Criminal Investigation

Criminal Investigation

We have substantial experience carrying out criminal defence investigations gathering and compiling evidence which can help to prove innocence in a UK court of law. We can work with your legal team to uncover new evidence, assist with witnesses statements and to trace missing witnesses.